One of the main reasons why I do what I do is that I get to witness a family go from being continuously exhausted to extremely well-rested!  It is such a reward to be there throughout this process.  Here are some words from happy parents who I have helped – I hope your family can be next!

“My son has been a terrible sleeper since he was four months old (now 14 months old), waking up at least six or seven times a night. I was worried about whether he was getting enough sleep, and I know I was not getting enough sleep. I knew I needed to do something about it but didn’t know what. We contacted Sarah with The Sleep Nook, which forever changed our lives.  Sarah listened to our concerns and our parenting style and helped us create a plan to teach our son to self-soothe, put himself to sleep and sleep through the night. Within two weeks, our son was either sleeping through the night or waking up only once or twice, even when teething his molars.  I now feel empowered to make changes with his sleep if sleep issues arise again.”

Sybil, Mom of Garrett, 14 months old


“Sarah was really helpful! She worked with us and our hectic schedules, and she created an individual program to fit our needs as a family and our son’s personality. Within a few days we saw a big difference, and by the end of the two weeks, our son was napping on a regular schedule, and only waking once per night (we chose not to completely stop nursing at night). She was very responsive to email questions, and very supportive during phone calls. Thank you, Sarah!”

Heather, Mom of Jack, 10 months old


“My husband and I had just gone through a month of sleep training with another consultant and we were back at square one with our 7-month old not sleeping. We were beginning to think that maybe our child couldn’t be trained to sleep well. We eventually decided to give The Sleep Nook a try. The approach was so easy and gentle. The biggest relief was that it did not involve leaving my child to cry alone for long periods of time. We noticed huge changes by the second night of training.

I used to dread nap time and bedtime. Now these are the easiest times of the day and my baby loves to sleep. I am so happy that he is getting good and adequate sleep, which is so crucial for the development of his brain and body. My husband and I are finally getting great sleep as well. Thank you Sarah Ambrose!”

Dr. Christina Breitlow, D.C., Mom of Hunter, 7 months old


“Rowan has been sleeping through the night since the end of week one, like 10-12hrs sleeping through the night! And that is a miracle that I thought was almost impossible for her! I just really wanted to thank you again for your time with us! I have really appreciated it and it has been very helpful! This whole experience has been great! Thank you, thank you! You offer a great service that is super valuable for the whole family! I will definitely be sending people your way. :-)”

Jesse, Mom of Rowan, 7.5 months old


“To those thinking of working with Sarah-

Before my wife and I started working with Sarah, our thirteen month old daughter was waking at least twice each night and expecting to be nursed back to sleep. Initially each night it took an hour to carefully put her to sleep with a combination of nursing, rocking her and a pacifier.

We met Sarah at a gathering, and I (dad) was skeptical to use her services. After a few phone calls, we decided to move forward. Sarah was able to meet in our home to review the best sleeping strategy for our daughter.

After 10 nights, our daughter was sleeping thru the night without a pacifier. A month later, she continues to sleep thru the night with little effort on our part to put her to sleep. Our little girl will wake in the night from time to time, but she will quickly put herself back to sleep because she has learned to cope without outside influences.

Sarah helped my wife and I see that there are better alternatives to crying it out. The gift of sleep is something that our daughter will always use, and thanks to Sarah, our whole family is sleeping thru the night.

We love Sarah and all she has done!”

The Thomas Family, parents of Remi, 13 months old


“Dear Sarah,

My family and I cannot thank you enough for your amazing sleep coaching services. I have a 3 year old and 3.5 month old baby.  I did not use a sleep coach for my first child and really regretted it because I had months if not years of sleep challenges that were avoidable and that negatively impacted my sleep/health/happiness levels.  So this second time around, I decided I would absolutely use a coach. I researched many coaches, but you were the only coach who provided a solid plan and coaching for nap training as well as night training. To me, you cannot have one without the other and personally the naps were what was hardest on us.  You also were the most financially affordable, but most of all… you were the most sincere, caring and gentle coach I spoke with. I was a bit of an emotional wreck leading into the training, fearing that I was harming my baby emotionally, but you were so supportive and open to making it as gentle and slow as we needed, but yet keeping me in a schedule that didn’t prolong the training unnecessarily for the baby.  I can’t believe the changes that took place in my baby, my family and our schedule in those two weeks. Our life is 100% different in that we are all now getting solid sleep, the baby is happier and healthier because she is sleeping well, and you even helped us get into a great family routine.  I often say you were like a therapist, mom coach and sleep coach all combined. Our life and family is truly better now because we had your help. I can’t stress how much sleep helps my family function and now we have a well-sleeping 4 month old (and Momma :)).  You were worth EVERY penny and I’d use you again in a heartbeat. I hope that this testimonial can help calm the nerves or sadness that another mom might be having as she contemplates sleep training. I would encourage them to not feel that they need to use a very harsh or drastic approach, that your gentle approach is the best of all worlds and very effective.  Thank you so much!”

The Richmond Family, parents of Maddie, 3.5 months old