Toddler Package (19 months & up)

My Toddle Package is for kiddos 19 months of age and up. As these little ones tend to be a little more strong-willed and resistant, my support is provided over a three-week period. At this age, our kids are constantly testing the waters, pushing the boundaries, and seeing just how far we’ll let them go with just about everything! Although we might not realize it, structure and routine are crucial for our toddlers. When sleep problems exist at this age, having clear consequences in place as well as rewards help us get them back on track with a healthy sleep schedule.

What’s included?

  • Initial questionnaire to better get to know your child
  • A customized sleep plan for your toddler
  • A 1 hour consultation in order to go over the plan.  (Can be done in person or via Skype or telephone.)
  • Follow-up support phone calls – 4 calls during first week; 2 calls during second week
  • Follow-up support email – during third week

Toddler Investment: $425

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