Half Night Package Addition

Change is difficult – for all of us! Many parents feel very anxious about the first night of implementing their child’s new sleep plan. They ask themselves: “Am I going to be able to stick to it, even when I’m completely exhausted? What if I have questions in the middle of the night? What if it doesn’t work?” The solution to all these questions is to invest in my half-night package! With this addition to the other packages, I will arrive at your house on the first night of the plan at 5:30pm and stay until 11:30pm. Before we start the bedtime routine, we will go over each step of the plan, what we might encounter during the night, and what we will do for each situation that may arise. I will oversee the bedtime routine and getting the baby to bed for the night. After that, we will have time for you to ask me whatever you want! I will then be in charge of the baby monitor and parents can go to bed! At the first wake-up, I will be right there to coach you through exactly what to do to get your baby back to sleep without resorting to his/her old sleep props. It might take a while, but I will be right there with you through every moment to give you support and guidance. Together, we can make the changes that your baby needs!

What’s included?

  • Everything included with regular package (baby or toddler)
  • 6 hours of personalized support on 1st night of plan

Half-Night Investment:

  • For Baby – $995

  • For Toddler – $1025