Baby Package (4-18 months)

FTM IMG_6621 OrderMy Baby Package is for babies 4-18 months of age and my support is provided over a two-week period. So much change is happening during these months! This is when a true schedule emerges and consistency is the key for both naptimes and bedtime. Naps are something that commonly get undervalued but are so important for the growth and development of our babies. Establishing a proper bedtime routine is also essential for healthy sleep. I will educate you on how long your baby can stay awake before becoming overtired and how many naps they should be taking at what age. Eliminating sleep props now and teaching baby to fall asleep on their own will set us up for a healthy sleep schedule as we move into the more active toddler stage!

What’s included?

  • Initial questionnaire to better get to know your baby
  • A customized sleep plan for your baby
  • A 1 hour consultation in order to go over the plan.  (Can be done in person or via Skype or telephone.)
  • Follow-up support phone calls – 4 calls during first week
  • Follow-up support emails – during second week

Baby Investment: $395

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