Try these 7 Tips to Get Your Baby Sleeping Better!

Try These 7 Tips Tonight To Improve Your Child’s Sleep!

As a professional sleep consultant, I’ve gotten used to people asking me what the “secret” is to getting a baby to sleep through the night.

Of course, there is no ONE secret. Teaching a child healthy sleep habits is a combination of lots of different things.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some shortcuts, either!

With that in mind, today I’d like to share with you 7 different shortcuts you can start trying over the next few nights to get your child sleeping better.

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Sleep Tip of the Day!

Sleep Tip of the Day

The Oh-So Evil “Sleep Prop.”  As humans, we all make a journey from awake to sleep, and how we make this journey can sometimes be difficult, especially for babies and toddlers.  If we help our babies make this journey using sleep props, then when they naturally wake in the middle of the night, they can’t go back to sleep without this prop!  What exactly is a sleep prop?  It’s anything you are using to get your babies to sleep: nursing, rocking, bouncing, pacifier, rubbing the back, patting, the list goes on and on…  But wait, these are all good things!  I am not telling you to stop nursing, rocking or bouncing your baby.  But I am telling you that your baby must learn to fall asleep on their own if we want them to stay asleep all night!  Then when they wake in the middle of the night, they have the internal skills to put themselves back to sleep without needing your help!  How do we get rid of these evil sleep props that are keeping our babies from getting the quality sleep they desperately need?  Message me for details and I’ll help you every step of the way!

Sleep Tip of the Day!

Sleep Tip of the Day!

The Bedtime Routine: Such an important step that is all too often overlooked! Creating a bedtime routine for our babies and children in the 30 minutes before bed is such an important step in queueing our bodies and mind that it’s time to transition from day to night. Your routine should have the same steps every night and occur at the same time every night. This might sound boring, but predictability and structure are what our little ones thrive upon! Here’s what a bedtime routine might look like:

6:30pm – Bath
6:40pm – Put on pajamas
6:43pm – Nursing/bottle
6:55pm – Story or songs
7:00pm – Into crib or bed

Of course this might be different depending on the age of the child, but you get the general idea. So if you don’t have a bedtime routine and your littles are having trouble sleeping, try starting one tonight!  If your family already does have a bedtime routine (good for you!), I’d love to hear what yours is!  Post it below in the comments!