Sleep Tip of the Day!

Sleep Tip of the Day!

The Bedtime Routine: Such an important step that is all too often overlooked! Creating a bedtime routine for our babies and children in the 30 minutes before bed is such an important step in queueing our bodies and mind that it’s time to transition from day to night. Your routine should have the same steps every night and occur at the same time every night. This might sound boring, but predictability and structure are what our little ones thrive upon! Here’s what a bedtime routine might look like:

6:30pm – Bath
6:40pm – Put on pajamas
6:43pm – Nursing/bottle
6:55pm – Story or songs
7:00pm – Into crib or bed

Of course this might be different depending on the age of the child, but you get the general idea. So if you don’t have a bedtime routine and your littles are having trouble sleeping, try starting one tonight!  If your family already does have a bedtime routine (good for you!), I’d love to hear what yours is!  Post it below in the comments!

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